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Ambien Side Effects

It is very important to remember that Ambien is one of the safest sleeping pills out there. Nevertheless, all medications come with some sort of side effects. Ambien does too.

This article will concentrate on all the possible Ambien side effects, but we cannot list them all. Side effects of Ambien depend on the patient’s physiology. That’s why it is very important to consult a doctor.

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Ambien was designed to cure sleep disorders such as insomnia. It is a short-term treatment. You should only take one tablet an hour before bedtime. It should also be administered for a maximum of 14 days (2 weeks). Longer than that, and you might have some uncomfortable side effects.

For easier understanding, we have divided the side effects into 3 categories- Common, Mid-Level, and Severe.

Common Side Effects:

The common side effects can occur when you are taking Ambien for the first time. Your body is beginning to adjust to the new medication and react. They are not very uncomfortable and can happen even if you are following the doctor’s prescription:

  • Nausea:Very common in the beginning. It is a sleeping pill and slight nausea is not surprising. Remember to take your medication before your bedtime. And when you start to feel sleepy, don’t resist. Go to bed.
  • Sleepiness:Of course. It is not even considered a side effect. It is the effect. You must be sleepy and sleep. If sleepiness occurs in the daytime, that only means that you didn’t sleep well at night. Those who take Ambien should sleep 8-9 hours before waking up and starting activities.
  • Vomiting:This is very uncommon. At dinner, before taking Ambien, make sure you don’t eat something very oily and sugary. This way, you will avoid this uncomfortable Ambien side effect.

Blur Vision: It is also another side effect of Ambien. It means you are becoming sleepy. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Mid-Level Side Effects:

Mid-level side effects may happen after a week or two. Also, they may occur even if you are following a prescription. You can consult your doctor if the side effects are too uncomfortable.

It is important to remember how Ambien works. You can check out our article “Ambien- How does it work” for more information. The point is, Ambien makes you sleep well. You may also develop the habit of sleeping longer than usual and the following mid-level side effects may occur:

  • Weakness and Fatigue:Sleeping for long hours may weaken the body. Muscles weaken when they don’t move for long hours. You may feel fatigued, but nothing a little workout or yoga moves can’t fix.
  • Weight Loss:People who sleep long hours may lose some weight. It is not very surprising. However, do not take Ambien as a weight loss pill.
  • Headache:Also a symptom of sleeping long hours. The brain does not get enough oxygen and headache may follow.
  • Low Blood Pressure:Another effect of sleeping long hours.

All those mid-level side effects of Ambien can be treated if the patient does some physical exercises after waking up followed by a healthy diet.

Severe Side Effects:

Severe side effects may occur after long-term use. If someone uses Ambien for 2-3 months continuously, these are the serious side effects and you should consult a doctor immediately.

  • Loss of Coordination:It is one thing to feel weakness and fatigue, but in severe form, the patient may lose muscle coordination. That is he/she can’t place one step in front of the other properly.
  • Headaches and Migraines:Severe headaches or migraine may occur after using Ambien for a long time.
  • Anxiety and Paranoia:This is a mental condition when the patient is asked to stop taking Ambien or if the supply is low. This is also a precursor to addiction.
  • Suicidal Thoughts:Also an effect of long-term Ambien use and it indicates that the patient is probably addicted.
  • Addiction: Finally, after 3-4 months of use, addiction may occur. Ambien is not naturally addictive, but in rare cases, addiction is possible. After all, it is a sleeping pill. It makes you feel good, light, and sleepy and therefore, addiction is the eventual side effect.

You can avoid these severe side effects by not using Ambien frequently. Follow your doctor’s advice and use it for only 14 days and take a break. Also, you only need to use it on nights you cannot sleep. If there are nights that you can naturally fall asleep, don’t use it.

The Takeaways:

The most important thing is to know yourself. Also, if you are suffering from insomnia, you should find out the cause of it. If you can solve the problem from the root, you may not have to use Ambien at all.

There are online pharmacies from where you can buy Ambien online without prescriptions. If you don’t really need them, don’t buy them.

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