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How to Order Tramadol from the USA

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Tramadol is a pain relief medication that falls under the opioid class. However, it is not really an opioid. In this article, we shall discuss how to order Tramadol online from the USA legally but without prescriptions.

If you are interested concerning the legalities and US laws regarding Tramadol, please keep on reading, but you don’t have much time and would like to get to the part where you can order it online, just go directly to the pharmacy.

We have chosen this online pharmacy with utmost care to make sure that the customers don’t get defrauded.

US Laws Concerning Controlled Substances

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is the controlling body in the USA although the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for all the trials and testing. If FDA finds out about a certain drug to be addictive, they recommend it to the DEA. DEA then makes a decision and classifies the drug.

In the USA this classification is known as Scheduling and they are numbered I-V. Schedule I is the most dangerous type of all. An example is Heroin. DEA Schedule I means that the drug is highly addictive and has the potential for abuse. Also, it has no medical purpose.

Schedule II, on the other hand, are medications that have medical uses but are highly addictive as well and therefore have to be administered carefully by a certified health professional. Morphine is such.

Tramadol Drug Schedule in the USA

Tramadol is a Schedule IV drug. It means that it has medical uses with very little possibility of abuse and addiction. Originally, Tramadol was an OTC drug. You could buy it anywhere in the USA without a prescription. However, now that it has been classified as a controlled substance, you must have a prescription.

Many other countries don’t follow this FDA decision. After all, Tramadol is not really an opioid. Therefore, there are plenty of countries where Tramadol is still an OTC. Therefore, if you are living in the USA and don’t have a prescription, the best place to buy Tramadol online is an international pharmacy.

Is Buying Tramadol Online Legal?

Legality is a matter of jurisdiction, and this is how it works. If you are in the USA and want to buy prescription medication from a local pharmacy, you must have a prescription.

However, if you are traveling and buy the medication from another country where it is just an OTC, it is quite legal. So if you get sick in a foreign country and buy Tramadol and then travel back to the states with the medication, it is still okay.

Even if you have a prescription from a foreign doctor, it is invalid in the USA since the prescribing doctor is not licensed by the American Medical Board. So the medication is legal but the prescription is invalid so they will let you carry the medications in. However, you can not get a refill until you see an American doctor again and get another prescription.

The conclusion is that if you order Tramadol from an online pharmacy which is located outside the USA and you don’t have a prescription, it is basically legal. However, if the package somehow gets held by Customs, they have the right to destroy it.

How to Order Tramadol online from the USA?

The first thing to do is to find an online pharmacy that is reliable and not located in the USA. Unfortunately, people fall victim to two types of fraudulent online pharmacies when they try to buy Tramadol online.

  1. The Pharmacy is located off-shore, but they are fraudulent. This type of pharmacy will just take your money and ship low-quality Tramadol. Some won’t ship anything at all.
  2. The Pharmacy claims to be in the USA and offers overnight delivery. However, they can’t be legal by jurisdiction. Yet, people who need the medication believe them. After you place your order, they will contact you with different logistical issues and they will try to get even more money for the same order. Eventually, you will realize that they are just street thugs who have no intention if shipping anything.

So, what do we do? We look for the Third type of Pharmacy. A legit international online pharmacy that can ship to the USA and are aware of the patient’s situation that he/she has no prescription.

There are pharmacies like that. We have given you one solid and reliable pharmacy in our ‘Buy Tramadol Online’ article. We have actually tested the pharmacy and they have quality Tramadol that they regularly ship to the USA.

What to Look for in an Online Pharmacy

If you have decided to order Tramadol online from the USA, and if you have decided to find a good pharmacy by yourself, you can look for these qualities in the pharmacy.

  • It is located outside the USA. They will tell you that and will be honest about it.
  • They will never offer overnight deliveries as it’s not possible.
  • The shipment will take about 10-12 days to arrive. Express shipping may take 4-6 days, but never an overnight delivery
  • They will have a ‘Discreet Packaging’ system to avoid Customs detection. You can ask them and they will tell you what it is. It is when they remove the medications from their original packaging and repack them in a different way just to be safe.
  • Finally, you should know it is a good pharmacy by its customer support and communication. Simply by noticing how they use the English language, you can figure that out. The pharmacy may be international, but a good pharmacy invests in training its Customer Support Agents. A bad one will have agents with very poor English. In reality, there is no pharmacy at all. It is some Indian at home who just happens to have a website.

Now that you have checked everything out, you can rest at least and place an order.

What to do After Receiving the Order

It is a good question indeed. So you go your Tramadol and you are using it, but you do not have a prescription. Is it dangerous to carry the medication outside?

Yes, in the USA, it is. So as much as possible, keep your medications at home and do not bring them outside. If you have to, make sure the transfer the medications to an unmarked container. That way, even if some authority catches you, there is no way to tell what is in the container unless lab-tested. You can also mark the container as ‘Acetaminophen‘. It’s just an OTC pain reliever.

The Takeaways

So this is how to order Tramadol online from the USA. I hope it helps. To find the right pharmacy, just go to our article ‘Buy Tramadol Online’.

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